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Benefits Of Having A Freezer

Having a freezer at home can go along way in helping you store all your foods stuffs as they are usually more spacious and can accommodate more products. Their freezing nature makes them ideal for preserving stews, meats, left over foods and many more. 

Our freezers are of top quality and low on energy consumption. Most of them come with internal LED lights and lock and key to keep the kids away and safe. The also produce little to no noise when in use and are highly durable, meaning they can last for years. Niamapa is the best place to shop for your need freezer. Order yours now and enjoy prompt delivery. 

Chest, Standing & Display Freezers

We at Niamapa have a variety of freezers in-stock that meets every requirement. We have the popular chest freezers which is sometimes called the deep freezer. It doesn't end there, we also have standing freezers for people with limited floor space. We finally have the display or showcase freezers for those who will be using it for their shops and more. All our freezers are from top brands such us Chigo, Nasco, Samsung, Icona, Delron, Midea, Beko and more

Our freezers also come in various colors and sizes. We have freezers ranging from100 liters to as big as 500 liters. Looking for some thing bigger? We got you covered as we have bigger sizes in the capacity of over a 1000 liters. Our double door freezers makes it ideal for easier organization of food stuffs in the freezer. Order a freezer from Niamapa today!

Freezer Prices In Ghana

We offer amazing discounts and promotions on all our freezers. We have the best price in Ghana when it comes to freezers. We give you the best value for money and also assure you of prompt delivery service on any order placed with us. Order your preferred freezer today from Ghana's most trusted online store, Niamapa.


On any freezer you buy from us you get to enjoy a whopping 12 months warranty. During your warranty period, we will full cater for any manufacturers defect that may arise. Rest assured of quick and swift response if you should encounter any issue with the freezer you bought from us. Niamapa, we make shopping easier.

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