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Importance Of Owing A Rice Cooker

Rice cooker is one of the most sort after kitchen appliances in Ghana. These amazing small appliances make use of moisture from added water to cook all your favorite rice dishes. Unlike the conventional way of cooking, rice cookers makes cooking rice more easier. Why go through all the stress and hustle to cook rice when you can do that with easy with a rice cooker.

Rice cookers can be multifunctional thereby providing you with a number of use cases. Besides the obvious, which is the cooking of rice, these appliances can sometimes also be used to cook foods such as oats, wheats and more. It can also be used to steam vegetables and some also users even go the extreme of using it to prepare stews and soups.

Prices Of Rice Cookers In Ghana

We stock high quality and performing rice cookers from all major brands in the country.  Buy a Midea rice cooker, Nasco rice cooker, Binatone rice cooker from us. We also have rice cookers for Delron, Icona, Pearl, Chigo and more. We offer prompt deliveries on all order made from us.

When it comes to the capacity, consider the size or the number of people you would be cooking for. A bigger capacity will be ideal for a bigger or multiple people whilst a smaller capacity will be best of one or two people. Also, we have a multi-purpose rice cooker which not only cooks rice but can also be use in preparing stews and soups as well.


We have some of the lowest prices in Ghana when it comes to rice cookers. All our rice cookers on sale have been heavily discounted to ensure they become affordable to all. Rush and order ours today from Niamapa.
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