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Table Top Fridge

TCL 47 Ltrs Bed Side Fridge

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Shopping For A Table Top Fridge?

Benefits Of A Table Top Fridge

Table top fridges are idea when looking for a refrigerator with smaller capacity but the same cooling power of a standard size refrigerator. The size of a table top fridge makes it a great option if you have limited floor space or are trying to fit a refrigerator in a not-so suitable space like an office, bed side or underneath a kitchen counter. With a table top fridge you are able to store all you beverages in the fridge compartments whiles preserving more delicate foods such as stews, soups, meats and more in the freezer compartment. 

Table Top Fridges For Sale

We stock table top fridges from all major brands in Ghana including Nasco, Icona, Delron, Westpoint, Midea, Binatone and more. Our table top fridges are equipped with all features found in standard size refrigerators such as thermostat for temperature control, LED lights for illumination and lock and key for child safety. Our table top fridges comes in single and double doors with capacities ranging from 5o to 100 Liters. We have a table top fridge that meets every requirement. Order your today from Niamapa.

Prices In Ghana For Table Top Fridges

There is no denying that Niamapa has the best prices in Ghana for table top fridges. Our prices are second to none because we offer amazing and unbeatable prices on most of our products. Enjoy promotions that offers discounts ranging from 5% to 25% on all our stocked table top fridges. Order a table top fridge today and and enjoy prompt delivery.


For any table top fridge you buy, you get to enjoy a whopping 12 months warranty. During your warranty period, we will full cater for any manufacturers defect that may arise. Rest assured of quick and prompt response if you should encounter any issue with your table top fridge. Order today from Niamapa, Ghana's best online store.

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