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A 43 inch tv is one of the most preferred television sizes in Ghana. This is because its neither considered too small nor too big, It just the perfect size for anyone looking for a television set but on a tight budget. If you are someone who loves watching TV, then we are sure your best go-to entertainment is watching Television on a 43 inch size tv.

Modern 43 inch tv's all come with an LED screen that enables it display sharp and colorful images for you entertainment. They are also packed with some powerful speakers that produce crystal clear sound there by making movie nights more magical. With in built digital satellite decoders, you are able to enjoy all free to air channels in the catchment area. Also 43 inch smart tv lets you stream all your favorite online shows right from your television.

43 Inch TV Price In Ghana

When it comes to 43 inch tv or televisions in general, we pride ourselves as having the best prices in Ghana. We offer amazing deals and promotions on al our televisions. We stock 43 inch tv's from only top brands such as Nasco, Icona, Binatone, Samsung, Chigo and more. You get the best deals and value for money anytime you buy a 43 inch tv from Niamapa. Order yours today!


Anytime you buy a 43 inch tv from us you get to enjoy a 12 months warranty. During this time period we will fully cater for any manufactures defect should any arise. We can either fix or completely replace the tv with a new one depending on the issue at hand. You are guaranteed of a quick and prompt after sales service should the need arise. Order a 43 inch tv from Ghana's most trusted online store, Niamapa.

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