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Chigo Air Conditioners Are Amazing!

Chigo Air conditioners provides you with the cool and relaxing breeze you need during warm temperatures. They are durable and equipped with features that makes the perform amazingly well even under extreme warm conditions. Chigo air conditioners can be considered as mid-range ac's with exceptional capabilities like that of premium air conditioners.

With a Chigo air conditioner, you can now fully enjoy yourself while staying relaxed and comfortable in your space. They also have features that help in reducing the excess moisture in your room as well as improve the air quality by cleaning and filtering pollens and dusts in your room.

Chigo Air Conditioners For Sale

We have in stock Chigo air conditioners that meets every requirement and powerful to chill every room size. Our Chigo split air conditioners ranges from 1.5hp, 2.0hp and 2.5hp. We also have chigo standing air conditioners that are 3.0hp as well as 5.5 hp. 

Chigo air conditioners comes in standard (non- inverter) and inverter. They also use the best refrigerants such as R410 and R32. Chigo air conditioners are also very energy efficient with most of them having an energy rating of 2 Stars.

Chigo Air Conditioner Prices In Ghana

We take pride in providing with the best price in Ghana when it comes to Chigo air conditioners. You get to save money on every air conditioner you purchase from us because we offer up to 30% discount on most of our air conditioners.


Whenever you buy Chigo air conditioner from us you get to enjoy a 12 months warranty. During this time period we will fully cater for any manufactures defect should any arise. You are guaranteed of a quick and prompt after sales service should the need arise.

With any purchase you make from Niamapa, you are assured of getting the best quality air conditioner. Order yours today from Ghana's number one online store, Niamapa.

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