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1.5hp Air Conditioner Price In Ghana

1.5hp Air conditioners are best for small to medium size rooms. This size of ac is highly effective and also consumes less energy thereby allowing you to leave it running for longer hours. Niamapa has in 1.5hp air conditioners from all the major brands in the country. Buy Nasco 1.5hp air conditioner, Midea 1.5hp air conditioner, Chigo 1.5hp air conditioner and Beko 1.5hp air conditioner. We also have Samsung 1.5hp air conditioner, LG 1.5hp air conditions, Gree 1.5hp air conditioner, Sigma 1.5hp air conditioner and many more. We also have 1.5h inverter air conditioners as well as 1.5hp air conditioners with r410 gas and r22 gas. Get yourself a 1.5hp air conditioner and enjoy cool breezes always.

1.5hp Air Conditioner For Sale

We always provide the best for less and our 1.5hp air conditioners are no exception. Our prices are second to none. We offer the best prices in Ghana for all our 1.5hp air conditioners. Anytime you shop from us, you also get to enjoy a warranty period of over 1 year.  We also have technicians on standby ready and willing to install your 1.5hp air conditioner if need be. Buy your Air conditioner from a trusted source. Buy from Niamapa!
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