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Front Load Washing Machine

Chigo 7kg Front Load Washing Machine


Top Load Washing Machine

Chigo 8kg Top Load Washing Machine


Front Load Washing Machine

Chigo 12kg Front Load Washing Machine


Chigo Washing Machines For Sale

Chigo washing machines can make a big difference in your home when it comes to doing the laundry. Chigo washing machines are equipped with latest features your can ask for in a washing machine. They are also very durable irrespective of the number of times you use them.

Enjoy consistent, thorough and meticulous wash with one of our Chigo semi automatic washing machines or any of our Chigo fully automatic washing machines. We have front load washing machines and top load washing machines if you are looking for a Chigo fully automated washer. Our Chigo washing machines also come in various sizes to accommodate your wash load.

Chigo Washing Machine Price In Ghana

Enjoy amazing discounts and promotions on all our Chigo washing machines. We have the best price in Ghana when it comes to washing machines and we offer prompt delivery for all orders made. We also provide 12 month manufactures warranty on every purchase.
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