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Samsung Fridges

If you are looking for a fridge that is durable and can last for ages, then Samsung fridges are just perfect for you. They are equipped with all the latest features you can ask for in a refrigerator and are built with a more stylish and modern design. This allows it to complement and room or space you place it in.

Samsung fridges are preferred by many because of the fast cooling capabilities. Samsung fridges are able to quickly achieve and maintain any temperature you regulate it to. 

Samsung Double Door Fridge

Samsung double door fridges are one of the most preferred double door refrigerators you can find on the market. This is due to their spaciousness and high performance. Samsung double door fridges have Digital Inverter Compressor that automatically adjusts its speed in response to cooling demand. This enables it to produce little to no noise as well as use up to 50% less power.

Samsung Side By Side Fridge

Samsung side by side or french door fridges usually offers more space that double door fridges. The also have a more premium and modern feel to them. With their Twin Cooling Plus Technology, These Samsung fridges are able to keep your foods fresher for longer. Also due to their capacity, you can now keep large bottles and cooking utensils without any hustle. 

Samsung Fridges Prices In Ghana

We have some of the best prices in Ghana when it comes to Samsung fridges. We offer amazing discounts on all our Samsung refrigerators. You get to enjoy a offers ranging from a whopping 5 - 30% discount anytime you shop from us. Not only that, but you also get to enjoy one of the fastest delivery on any order you make from us. Choose Niamapa whenever you shop for a Samsung fridge.


Whenever you buy a Samsung fridge from us you get to enjoy a 12 months warranty. During this time period we will fully cater for any manufactures defect should any arise. You are guaranteed of a quick and prompt after sales service should the need arise. With any purchase you make from Niamapa, you are assured of getting the best quality Samsung refrigerator.

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